About Us

Located northeast of Atlanta in Athens, Georgia, Southern Hospitalists is committed to providing the highest level of personal attention and clear communication to our clients and physicians.  We believe our focus on a single specialty and a specific geographic region provides an unmatched depth of information for you and maximizes our effectiveness.

Since we began on March 1, 2006, our focus has remained constant.  While every Hospitalist program is unique, our experience has proven that a constant commitment to patient care, clear and consistent communication, financial responsibility and strong relationships within the hospital and medical community are the benchmarks of success.

Hospitalists can make substantial improvements for patients by:

  • Increasing physician availability.
  • Coordinating care for patients with multiple health issues.
  • Managing inpatient and outpatient resources for the best outcomes.
  • Continuing Medical Education focused on inpatient services.

We believe these shouldn't be limited to patients in major metro areas, and are committed to providing services that maximize both the patient experience and the efficient usage of healthcare resources.


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