for our clientsOur focus on a single specialty and a limited, specific geographic region provide multiple benefits for Hospitalists who are seeking a new opportunity:

  • In most cases, we have personally visited and thoroughly evaluated the opportunities we represent. Candidates appreciate the greater information detail this affords them.
  • We listen to what is important to each candidate, and only present opportunities that fit their goals and parameters.
  • Our 15 years of experience in a wide variety of Hospitalist practice settings and detailed knowledge of Hospital Medicine provides realistic assessments and comparisons. We only present opportunities with a competitive combination of job description, compensation, and community.
  • Our focus on not-for-profit Hospitals reduces the financial stakeholders, typically increasing patient focus and physician rewards while making alignment of all parties more attainable.

While there are many benefits to working in the Southeast, Hospitalists we have placed previously indicated the following as the primary motivators:

  • Patients – Hospitalists relocating from other areas of the country indicate patients in the Southeast are more appreciative, polite and respectful.
  • Financial – The Southeast is consistently the winner in regional comparisons for Hospitalist (and other specialties) compensation.
  • Communities – The South is known for its hospitality, and Hospitalists who have relocated indicate a true sense of being welcomed to the community immediately.
  • Work setting – The combination of hospitable colleagues and support staffs, realistic work expectations in terms of acuity and volume, and patient appreciation results in rewarding environments.

Other advantages include an overall lower risk of litigation, a wide variety of facility size, schedules and staff structure and great outdoor recreation.

The opportunities we represent are all located in the Southeast, and are a combination of Hospitalist programs:

  • Currently/previously managed by Southern Hospitalists
  • Currently/previously provided consulting services by Southern Hospitalists during a time of transition
  • Owned by local hospitals or local physicians

Our Job Opportunities

AL #1128N: Nocturnist

AL #1128N: Nocturnist

>400 bed not-for-profit hospital with solid specialty backup is seeking a Nocturnist for their group. Schedule is very flexible, requiring only 10-12 shofts per month. Admit range averages <9 per PM shift. Employment by a strong multi-hospital system provides stability and substantial resources. ICU and short term vent management are required, but other procedures are optional.

LA #1603P: Steady Growth in Northwest Louisiana

LA #1603P: Steady Growth in Northwest Louisiana

>125 bed hospital in Northern Louisiana is looking to add a Hospitalist to their group. Census ranges from 50-80, covered by 4-6 Hospitalists. The 24 hour admit volume varies from 10-24, with slightly fewer admitted on nights than during the days. ICU coverage and short term vent management are required, but all other procedures are optional. Specialty backup is pretty comprehensive 24/7.

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